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Kula Lotrscak

The Kula Lotrščak is the ancient defensive tower of the Croatian capital, and since the XIX century, it overlooks Zagreb and protects it. Every day at noon, from the tower you will hear a sounds: it is the cannon inside the tower that strikes the hour! A part from this curiosity, visiting the tower of Zagreb will plunge you into history and it will let you discover the old roots of Croatian people who are very proud of their traditions! Moreover, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the city from above!

More about Kula Lotrscak

The tower of Zagreb is very ancient, and it is part of the oldest core of the Upper Town. It was built during the XIII century in order to protect the city from southern attacks. Inside it is still possible to see, at the fourth floor, the cannon which strikes the hour at noon, and which has become a symbol of the city. However, the attraction of the tower is not only the cannon, but also the entrance, where you can find a souvenir shop, and the other two floors, where the administration organizes exhibitions of modern art. Of course, the history of the tower is also surrounded by mystery. In fact, the legend says that the Turks, who hit only a rooster, leaving the city undisturbed, shot the original shot of the cannon. Other legends say that after the tower struck the hour at night, ringing a bell, only thieves and scoundrels walked around Zagreb. So, as a tourist you can discover these and even more stories about the Kula Lotrščak and also enjoy an amazing view!